'Zee' Leather Body Harness

THE HARNESS: Black Leather with Silver Fittings


Custom made from quality full grain leather, with 11 buckles on the upper body section and 6 more on the thigh cuffs to fit you perfectly.

Now available with additional front buckles as standard
Please provide the measurements shown in the image chart so that I can custom make your harness to fit properly.
You don't need to provide them at the time of ordering if you don't have them to hand, but soon after by email will be fine.

Size Range:
Average: If you are under 6'7" and your largest measurement (from the above list) is less than 48" please select this size option.
High & Mighty: If you are over 6'7" or the largest measurement (from the above list) is more than 48" you'll need to select this option from the drop down list to adjust the price.

Size Range