Premium Pony Set

The Premium Pony Set comprises:
- Pony Harness. (Black Leather with Silver Fittings)

- Plumed Bridle, (Plume detaches easily, allowing the Head Harness to be worn without the plume as well)

- Reins, 2m in length

- FetLeather Collar. Choose from either the 1 D-ring (last image) or 3 Double-ring version

- Wrist Cuffs

Plume Length Option - please select which plume length you'd prefer. Stated measurement options of 20" and 10" are close aproximates of length as feathers, being natural products, do vary slightly. The 10" option is a minimum length however, and with attachment base is more likely to measure 12" from head to tip of plumes.

New Features:* Additional buckles for improved adjustability, fit and comfort,

Plume Length
Collar Type