FetLeather Pony Harness

Available until the end of January


FetLeather Pony Harness: Black Leather with Silver Fittings

Handmade from 32 individual top quality full grain leather components and robust metal fittings, this FetLeather designed Pony Harness is about the best value for money around.
Image #1 shows the new back section of the FetLeather Pony Harness. The addition of buckles, and the new design of the 'Y' joint allow for greater adjustability for the shoulder straps and improved comfort.


Please provide the following measurements when ordering:

1/ Around the chest (above breasts)

2/ Around your middle/ribs (at the level you'd like the body belt to sit)

3/ Around the hips

4/ From the middle of the neck to belly button

5/ Thigh measurement

6/ Overall height.

Please leave your measurement information in the 'add note to seller' box at checkout, or if you prefer, you can simply use the Contact facility to message me with them later if that would be more convenient

*Please note: This listing is for the Body Harness only
. The corset, wrist cuffs, bridle and collar are not included in the sale, and are purely for illustration purposes.