Double Gun Belt Rig - Reliced

This is a one-off as I am currently not making gun belts for the foreseeable future.

This rig will fit someone with around a 42" waist, above clothing (or couple of inches either side of that).

Hand cut, hand tooled and hand dyed from full grain leather this rig features two belts, each with holsters. The belt with the ammo loops is worn above the other. When worn, they cross over each other and buckle up at the hips.

The holsters are made to fit a colt 45 with a 4 3/4" barrel, but they will also accommodate other guns of that general design such as the Aberti 357 Cattleman, etc.

**The price is for the belts and holsters ONLY, and does not include the inert ammo, but please message me before buying if you'd like the rig supplied with the inert ammo - Obviously at additional cost, and  available only to UK clients. 

I have reliced this rig so it looks aged and 'worn in' - just like in the movies :)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.