Bridle/Head Harness

FetLeather Bridle Harness

Leather Head Harness with mouth bit, peek and blinkers. Image #2 shows the new 'clip on/off' design for removing the mouth bit.  The peek and blinkers are also easily detachable, enabling that harness to be worn without them if required.

The bridle is only available with silver metal fittings but is now also available in Antique Tan leather.


To custom make this bridle harness for you, I need the following measurements:
1/ Around the head at forehead level.


Please leave your measurement information when ordering, or if you prefer, you can use the 'Contact' facility to message me with them later if that would be more convenient for you.


Please contact me for estimated lead time if you require the harness by a specific date.

Metal Fittings